Notable Quotes

Praise for Henry George’s
Progress and Poverty

The greatest economics treatise ever written by an American.
– Michael Kinsley

The main, underlying idea of Henry George…. is an argument that makes an awful lot of sense.
– Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate; author of Globalization and Its Discontents

Years before the automobile appeared, Henry George analyzed the dynamics of urban growth and decay. He explained the basic processes that yield an inappropriate distribution of population, inefficient land use, and urban blight.
– Kris Feder, Bard College

George refutes the commonplace idea that we must choose between equity and efficiency…. He rejects both price controls and progressive income taxa tion, and identifies a different tax policy that brings us both equity and efficiency together.
– Mason Gaffney, University of California, Riverside

There is a body of socio-economic truth that in corporates the best insights of both capitalism and socialism. This “middle way” is the philosophy of Henry George.
– Robert V Andelson, Auburn University

People do not argue with the teaching of George, they simply do not know it. And it is impossible to do otherwise with his teaching, for he who becomes acquainted with it cannot but agree. – Leo Tolstoy If I were to re-write this book [Brave New World], I would offer a third alternative – the possibility of sanity – economics would be decentralist and Henry Georgian. – Aldous Huxley I do not claim that George’s remedy is a panacea that will cure by itself all our ailments. But I do claim that we cannot get rid of our basic troubles without it.
John Dewey